Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Volunteer Variety

I had some time after a routine doctor appointment today to drop in at the local MS Society (Multiple Sclerosis) office and volunteer. It's spring break week and the place was hopping. I'm delighted to brag about young people, from seventh graders to college kids, who chose to put in a few hours to help stuff bags for the upcoming bike ride event in May. They could have gone to the movies, played video games, or hung out with friends. Yes, they do get community service credit hours for school, but I didn't have the feeling that any of them felt put out or burdened. It was their choice.

I write about this because, however you get your news, it is easy to get discouraged with the world and people in general. But, if you'd been in the MS office today, listening to folks chat and watching them work together, you'd have smiled. The sense of community spirit was heartwarming.

It's good to have a cause - something that interests you, gets you involved, and draws attention from one's own teensy problems. There are countless organizations operating on shoestring budgets, that make up for it with huge heart and energy.
Volunteer voraciously - it's good for the soul.

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  1. It's good to be around volunteers working toward one cause. Volunteers can make a big difference. Ann