Saturday, March 13, 2010

Words and Music

I've always loved music. As a little girl, I wanted to be Diana Ross and begged to stay up whenever she and the Supremes were on the Ed Sullivan Show. Yes, I'm showing my age. Name the super groups and stars and I've seen them in concert - Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Peter Frampton, Sting, Rod Stewart, etc. Top three concerts -Paul McCartney, Bette Midler, Liza Minnelli. Bette and Liza - may be corny, but true show people of the highest order.

So, I admire folks who can write music and also sing. I'm still a music fan who's not stuck in the seventies. I enjoy new artists and I tivo the VH1 Top Twenty Video Countdown. There's some darn good talent out there as well as a few golden oldies lurking.

Number One this week is American Idol 2nd Place star Adam Lambert singing a Pink song (she's in a whole other league) What Do You Want From Me? Plaintive and catchy at the same time.

Number Two - Need You Now by Lady Antebellum. They are a "country" group, but this crossover song is kickass.

Other top videos - Kris Allen, The Fray, OneRepublic, Lifehouse, and checkout Orianthe - this female from Australia was pretty much discovered by Michael Jackson for his This Is It tour. The young lady is attractive, can sing, and is monstrous on the guitar. The fingers fly!

John Mayer is talented and his Heartbreak Warfare tells a story.

Oldie but goodie, Bon Jovi, have a new song Superman Tonight which highlights the role of volunteers in this world. Nice message and cool video.

Keep an open mind to new music and superb lyrics. There's a lot of material waiting to be discovered. And based on his appearance in a Timbaland video, I'm psyched for some new Justin Timberlake tunes.

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