Sunday, April 18, 2010

Balloon Blast

Waterfall of dreams - all in balloons. The World Festival of Balloons was held in Dallas at the Sheraton Hotel. Ray and I attended the Sunday show day thinking we'd wander a bit and move on. Nope - a blip in the paper had attracted gobs of attention and we joined hordes of people for an hour long wait to enter a magical world.
Creative people and dreamers crusade for their art. This project took 29,000 balloons, sixteen people and twenty-five man hours. It won for large sculptural display. The balloon twist detail was phenomenal.

Sensory overload at the Sheraton. Colors, movement, kids, and jaw-dropping detail. One man while giving a balloon design demonstration said, "Runners run every day, athletes practice every day, musicians play their instruments daily, writers write, and balloon sculpturists blow up balloons every day seeking new twists and new designs. Quite the life!

Balloon whimsy and humor prevailed.

The First Ever World Balloon Festival proved welcoming indeed. I can only assume next year's will be bigger and better eye-popping displays. Contestants dream of new designs as they deflate their 2010 balloon fantasies.
UP, UP, and AWAY!

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