Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ephemeral Art - More Balloon Fun

More pics from the World Festival of Balloons. I attended on Sunday 4/18/10 at the Dallas Sheraton.
Balloon sculptures - Is it art?
Had a discussion with a co-worker who enjoyed the pictures, thought they were cool, but said, "Stuff like this and sand sculptures, etc - I don't think that's really art. I mean, it doesn't last."
I disagreed with him, but it is interesting to ponder if something so fleeting that could be pricked into oblivion falls into the category of art. What do you think?
To me, the creative energy and effort that went into these balloon sculptures is artistic. Not everyone can do it - there's a skill, talent, finesse, and vision. Plus there was a palpable energy and joy in the room as folks roamed about to view the displays.

Indeed, balloon pieces are ephemeral. Now dismantled, they exist in my mind and in my computer as digital images. But, balloon sculpture design is art, in my opinion, however fleeting and it inspires me to pursue creative outlets. Don't let anyone pop those dreams.

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  1. These are great pics! A lot of work goes into the balloons, I bet.