Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mitten Mirth

Once upon a time, not so long ago, the Winter Olympics were held in Vancouver, Canada. Ray and Joanne watched enthralled as skiers hurtled down mountains, snowboarders leaped and twirled, and skaters danced on ice. Joanne commented to Ray, "I love those red mittens everyone is wearing. They are so cute." Indeed, the Maple leaf gloves were the hot commodity in Vancouver. Oprah managed to give some away to an audience.

Ray, chatting with a distributor in Canada, said to Joy, "We're enjoying your Olympics and my wife loves those mittens." Joy said, "I'll try to get her a pair." Ray said, "That's not necessary," but Joy insisted and persisted. However, the kingdom was bare and alas, no mittens were to be found. We exchanged "Thanks, anyway" emails and thought nothing more about it.
Winter changed to spring which lasted one day in Texas. Then summer temperatures prevailed and Joanne floated in the pool, thoughts of winter, snow, and mittens - all a vague memory. There's always one final heat blast in September, and then one cool night rain that ends pool season. Nippy air, sweatshirt weather, and crisp brown leaves drifted and clogged the pool drain. Frost on the pumpkin, the north wind blew, and Christmas lights were strung.
Ray arrived home from work on December 14th (a warm balmy day) with a yellow padded envelope from Canada. "What to my wondering eyes should appear, but"... MITTENS. Red Olympic mittens with the maple leaf logo. So warm, so soft, such a surprise and treat.

Joy had persisted and when new mittens were issued for the Christmas season, she thought of me - that crazy American who shared in Canada's Olympic glory and admired the bright warm gloves. I was overwhelmed by her generosity, and now await a blizzard.
Thus, our tale ends. A thoughtful present, global friendship (well, okay Texas/Canada), and the spirit of giving and receiving.
Thanks & Merry Christmas

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