Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Amon Carter Museum: Allure of Paper

Rather than go to musuems for the huge popular crowd events, it's worth taking a Sunday and wandering into your local museum for a peek at the small treasures. I enjoyed my afternoon in Fort Worth, and left feeling enriched.

First, fortify at the cafe in The Modern . The view is spectacular and the brunch choices are flavorful.

Next, the Kimbell Art Museum. It's prepping for Caravaggio's visit. Meanwhile, a guest of honor from Italy, Titian's La Bella: Woman in a Blue Dress is breathtaking. Also on view is a new acquisition - one of Poussin's seven sacrament paintings. Rich in color and detail, it is a coup for the Kimbell.

Finally, we strolled past construction as the Kimbell's new annex created by architect Renzo Piano takes shape. Onward to the Amon Carter Museum and enticed by The Allure of Paper. This special exhibition features a wide variety of drawings, charcoals, watercolors. Delicate and detailed pictures abounded. It was difficult to choose a favorite.

I vow to return, dodge the crowds, and poke into corners. Artistic gems await.

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