Sunday, September 25, 2011

Book Review: A Discovery of Witches

The leather bound volume was nothing remarkable. With this opening line, Deborah Harkness begins a mesmerizing tale of witches, daemons, and vampires living, learning, and competing in our normal human world.

Diana Bishop, studying and writing a paper about alchemy while in Oxford, tries to control her witch tendencies. However, when she breaks the spell on the leather bound volume, senses hidden secrets, and returns the book, all manner of otherwordly deeds transpire. Not the least is attention from Michael Clairmont, a wordly vampire.

History, romance, magic, and suspense are combined in A Discovery of Witches with superb prose, richly drawn characters, and intellect. Sparks fly as Diana delves into her past, her legacy, and recognizes her witch powers. I was mesmerized, drawn into this six hundred page book, reading it as if it was the life blood I needed to stay alive. Excellent. Become possessed and obsessed, too.

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