Thursday, December 1, 2011

Book Review: The Family Fang

Funny book in a weird twisted way. The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson introduces us to Caleb and Camille Fang, plus children Annie and Buster, as they expose themselves in the form of performance art. Often the children have no clue as to what will happen in the middle of the mall, and ultimately become the butt of the exercise. It's a thrill and a humiliation.

In flashbacks, we witness various stunts. Often clever, often groan-inducing. It's a weird life. No wonder Buster becomes a writer, and Annie is a successful actress. While they seek attention, they also cower from it. It's a strange life perspective.

Then both kids end up back home for various odd reasons, and the parents appear to die in a violent car crash. However, nothing is as it seems in The Family Fang. Buster knows his parents are still alive and sending clues as to their whereabouts. He wants to draw them out, back into the art world for a grand finale.

I won't give away more plot. Just know that these are unique characters. The book is well written, and Kevin Wilson is a literary force. The Family Fang - a stunt worth reading.

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