Sunday, December 11, 2011

Caravaggio Fills the Kimbell

Caravaggio and His Followers in Rome is an electrifying exhibit presented only in Fort Worth at the Kimbell Art Museum and in Ottawa Canada. The Musician (pictured) is one example of the talent displayed. Rich colors and details abound, and Caravaggio (1571-1610) captured life as he saw it. Famous for The Cardsharps, his eye for the seamier side was new to the art world.

There are ten Caravaggios as well as forty or more great masters of Baroque Art included. The exhibit allows you to compare and contrast similar topics and treatments of subjects, especially those of saints. I liked Caravaggio's Saint John in the Wilderness versus others' versions.

As always, a visit to the Kimbell is a treat. Two large Christmas trees add to the festivities, and their lunch buffet offers a delicious respite.

Indulge the eyes and travel to 16th century Rome, a la Ft.Worth, for some culture. Ciao.

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