Sunday, December 18, 2011

Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows

Sherlock Holmes - Game of Shadows is jolly good fun. This is what Christmas movies are all about - breezy dialogue, plenty of action, and Robert Downey, Jr surprising us at all times. Robert's Sherlock and Jude Law is Dr. Watson. Poor Dr.Watson. He thinks he's getting happily married and going to Brighton for his honeymoon. Well, doesn't that sound dull? At least to Sherlock it does. There have been bombings in London, and anarchy appears to be in the offing courtesy of Professor Moriarty. Oh, he seems harmless enough, but Sherlock has diagnosed him as an immoral terrorist.

Thus, forget the honeymoon. Dr. Watson's wife is pushed out of a train (on purpose) to be saved by Sherlock's brother. Meanwhile, Sherlock and Dr.Watson must join up with a gypsy (Noomi Rapace in her first American role) to put together pieces of the puzzle. Is there going to be an assassination and where will it occur? Only brilliant minds, quick footed work, swordsmanship, and the trust of true friendship can foil Moriarty's dastardly plans.

Game of Shadows is well filmed and sharp looking. Rich backdrops and plentiful explosions keep viewers on their toes. It's obvious that Downey, Jr and Law are having a heck of a good time on screen, and they share the wealth of laughter with their banter. Enjoy this holiday treat with the whole family (and sneak in a Christmas cookie or two).

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  1. I wondered how good this movie is. I love Brighton but perhaps it was a little dull in Sherlock's time.