Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blown Resolutions Day

January 17th, I read, is Blown New Year's Resolutions Day. Supposedly by mid-month, folks have given up on their goals. Too tired, too hungry, too lazy, too much work - pick any excuse in the book. We've all used 'em.

I'm doing okay. Still eating more than I should, but I'm back on my Wii workouts. That helps a bit. I'm maintaining a decent attitude at work. That shall keep the paycheck rolling in. And I'm making progress on the first draft of my book, Athletic Antics.

Here's the opener:
                                                Tangled Jump Rope

Born in 1958 and a kid in the sixties, I was a deprived child. Band-Aids choices in that day were size only. No cool colors or characters. I couldn't heal quicker with my favorite cartoon hero. Nope - tan regular, wide, or small. That was it. And I used a lot of Band-Aids in my day. They covered cuts and scrapes treated with Mercurochrome - that weird orangey-red color seeping out from under the adhesive.

I was a dorky girl in sturdy corrective shoes. Skinny arms and legs flailed as I ran. Constantly pushing my glasses back on my nose, I participated but did not excel at kid sports and activities. I remember my time outdoors as a collection of athletic antics, and indeed, my coordination has not improved with age. However, I am no longer a patchwork of scabby knees and elbows, thanks to less risk-taking on asphalt.

The book is a humorous memoir, thus I hope you chuckled as you read this. I need to resolve to finish this book, super duper edit, and get it published.

How are you doing on your resolutions?  Blown completely?  Or floating in the breeze?


  1. Good opener!

    I don't do resolutions - just goals. I'm doing well with them. I'm still on target.

  2. Good start on your book. As for resolutions, it's like Mark Twain said... the first week of January, people make resolutions, and the second week, they start paving the road to hell with them.

  3. I didn't make any resolutions. This could sound as if I'm happy with my normal life. I guess that's true. I'm sure I could improve in my attitude to my ever-helpful husband though. Every day, I bless the day I met him. I should be nicer, and maybe daily reminders will edge me that way. ;-)

  4. I didn't make resolutions but I've made some since: learn to apply eyeliner properly and find a hat that suits me.

    (As you can see, I tend not to make resolutions that make me feel bad about myself, I make ones that make me feel good.)

  5. Good opener as well. I forgot to comment on it. We used to have band aids that were very sticky - pulling them off scabby knees wasn't fun when the scab came too :-(