Friday, January 18, 2013

Perot Museum of Science and Nature - Dallas, TX

 The brand new Perot Museum of Nature and Science in downtown Dallas is fabulous. Hands-on interactive displays delight. Easy to read and understand signs guide you through categories of science and nature. Short videos give extra insight into the scientists who actually work on ground-breaking research. Dallas is now out of the dark dingy corner of Fair Park and into the light of the future. Perot and his team truly built a visionary dream, with plenty of room to grow.

First, admire the building. It's solid natural materials ground it, and then pieces jut into the sky as if daring us to believe we can learn. In the lobby, you are greeted by a 35 ft. long dinosaur. There are eleven permanent halls and a traveling exhibit hall. There is a Children's Museum designed for kids five and younger. The digital theater features 2D and 3D science movie experiences. Green features include a rainwater collection system, LED lighting, and solar powered water heating.

Start on Level 4 - the Expanding Universe Hall features a journey through the solar system. Also the Then and Now Hall has dinosauers - always a crowd favorite. Plus there is a special Hall of Birds.

 Level 3 - Check out a huge drill bit in the Energy Hall. Learn about oil and shale exploration and environmental issues. Then wander down the Gem and Minerals Hall - the huge amethyst is glistening purple. This display hall was beautiful as the gems and mineral colors gleamed.

Level 2 - Being Human shows slices of the human body, teaches us about molecular biology and genetics. Then the Engineering and Innovation Hall features robotics and new technologies being designed today. And the Discovering Life Hall features a Texas Blackland Prairie.

Level 1 - This is where you first entered. It hosts the theaters, a cafe, the museum shop, and a rooftop deck to view the Dallas Skyline.

Lower Level - Here kids can start their science adventures in the Children's Museum. Adults can have fun with science in the Sports Hall. Throw a football. Then check out your video against that of Roger Staubach. Somehow my toss was not as smooth. The study of sports science is growing as you learn how they measure the human body and its limits.

As you can tell, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science is fun and enthralling for the whole family. Come explore today.


  1. The museum sounds wonderful. I'd be there in a flash. I love the British Museum with all its accumulated history. As a matter of fact, I feature it in one of my books. Still Rock Water. Liliha is summoned to learn the history of her ring, which they want to keep for their Ancient Egypt section.

  2. It sounds amazing. I love museums. I once spent a whole day at the Science Museum in London - we had a whole agenda for the day that got thrown out of the window because I wouldn't leave!

  3. What a cool-looking building. It's definitely a place I'd like to visit!