Sunday, April 7, 2013

Book Review: Wool by Hugh Howey

Back cover blurb - What would you do if the world outside was deadly and the air you breathed could kill?

And you lived in a place where every birth required a death, and the choices you made could save lives or destroy them.    This is Jule's story.  This is the world of Wool.

Wool is a page turner with a superb premise, a great mix of characters and setting. Who knew we could live in a silo in the future? Are there more people still alive on the planet? Who is really in control and what are there motives? The silo presents layers of society - up top you can see out (but what are you seeing?). Down below the earth, mechanics keep the building running. Where would you be living as deemed by the silo layers of importance?

Hugh Howey wrote his postapocalyptic thriller as a serial. He ultimately self published it on Amazon and it is a huge success story, selling millions of copies. Morever he's keeping his e-rights. Simon & Shuster has print only. According to the Wall Street Journal (3/8/13), Wool is a sign of the new publishing times. The big boys can't ignore independent authors and have to work deals that don't include the complete print/e-book package.

All I know is that Wool is an exciting read. I found myself holding my breath as Juliette exited the silo in her "death" suit. What ensues is creative and scary and could be plausible for the future, in my opinion. I won't give away anymore - trust me, you'll want to join the millions of other fans and read this futuristic tale.


  1. I love the sound of the plot. Your review leaves me wanting to read the book.

  2. That's a catchy blurb! I don't know what I'd do - probably die!