Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Big Pictures - Amon Carter Museum

 Friday March 22nd, enjoyed a members reception at the Amon Carter Museum  in Fort Worth. The museum director, Andrew J.Walker, gave opening remarks. The curator, Katherine Siegwarth, explained her motivation and the "what to look fors" in the show. Very informative.

Onward to a very tasty reception - lots of yummy finger foods. My friend, Rebecca Thorne, and I talked with our mouths full and caught up on respective life news. After wiping crumbs from our faces, we trodded up the steps to the exhibit all. Wow - this exhibit of approximately forty photographs is stunning.

One photo called Landscape reveals the back of a boxer. The muscles, shadows, and sinewy back offer a terrain. Another photo of a huge tree in Brooklyn allows one to feel as if you are standing underneath the branches.
Barbara Morgan's photo of Martha Graham is electric. Motion, action - in a stark black/white/gray contrast.

I shall visit the Amon Carter again before the Big Pictures show closes. It is worth a second look.


  1. I love black & white photography. Ansel Adams landscapes brought me to a real appreciation of contrast.

  2. Photographs can be so artistic! I like the one you have pictured here.