Sunday, March 31, 2013

San Saba Texas - Wine and Cows

 Spent Easter Weekend in San Saba, TX at Aunt Pat's ranch. Typical of small towns, the courthouse is in the center. I contribute movie reviews to her Little Paper of San Saba
 Trying to unload our stuff. The cows freaked me out as they edged closer and closer to the truck. I know they were hoping for food, but I'm just not keen on up close and personal greetings. There is a whole San Saba chapter in my humorous memoir - My Zoo World.
 It's not Napa Valley yet, but the Texas Hill Country is sprouting wineries almost as fast as cactus. We visited the Wedding Oak winery. The gate wasn't closed so I only got a photo of the "Ing" side. Pretty gate background, I'm sure, for weddings. We sat in the courtyard and enjoyed the blush wine.
Inside - casks of wine. On the wall was a plaque for the 300 member club. No names yet. If Ray does get on Pat's deer lease, maybe he'll join as the first member. But somehow wine and deer hunt sounds like an odd combo.

It was a fun Easter weekend and then as an added bonus, we had rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trust me, that is blessed news.   Now onward to April.


  1. I think those cows would've made me a little uncomfortable, too!

  2. These are stunning photographs! I would be tempted to approach them, where they friendly do you think?