Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Modern Clay - Gregory Story

Enjoyed strolling the Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival on Sunday. So many talented people, neat art, and too few walls in my house for the goodies I liked. However, Gregory Story's Modern Clay WallBalls caught my eye. Check out his site  Gregory Story

I perused his area and the exclamation mark called out my name. It is now hung above my desk as a reminder to stay excited about writing, but to beware of overuse of this punctuation.

It makes me smile!!!!!


  1. What a fun piece of art. I promise not to littler this comment box with unnecessary ones :-)


  2. I love !s. I do tend to go overboard on using them in comments, so I'm not going to on this one :-)

  3. Hehe. Best to only use it in extreme situations. Like the world is about to be attacked by deadly ailiens!