Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's Only a Little Sleet

 Wednesday I got home from work and raked leaves. It was a balmy 78 F.  Then the north wind howled. By Thursday morning, it was 40 F and raw. Drizzle started mid-late afternoon and the temperatures fell below freezing. A nice glaze covered the streets. I awoke at 1 am to sleet pellets pounding the windowpane.
At 7 am, it was 28 degrees and we had ice covered with close to two inches of sleet. No work, no schools, huge cancellations and treacherous conditions. That's Texas.
 Ray was in Boston and tried to fly home on American Airlines. They cancelled over 1000 flights at DFW. He managed to get booked on Southwest Airlines through Houston to Love Field. An all day journey, plus trying to get a ride home. He understood my car was not leaving the garage.
 I did wander out back (careful to not slip into the pool) to take these icy wonderland pics. I'm fortunate that our power did not go out. So I stayed warm - read and watched Netflix, and of course had to keep looking out the window. Temperatures stayed at 28 F so not much melting occurred.
Our odd metal sculpture looks quite alien with icicles. Very cold predicted for the whole weekend. I think my car shall stay in the garage. Stay safe and warm, my friends.

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  1. BRRRR! That's an epic drop in temperature! The pictures are pretty, though. Knock on wood, we haven't had an ice storm in our area for quite a while, but they sure do make everything look magical, don't they? Like a winter wonderland, especially when the sun is shining.

    Stay warm!