Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Movie Review Madness: Black Nativity

Jennifer Hudson can sing. She can sing like an angel, and she's the reason to see Black Nativity. Based on a play by Langston Hughes, it's a story about family, love, forgiveness, and redemption.

Poor and getting evicted, Jennifer sends her son in Baltimore to stay with her well-to-do parents in Harlem. The Reverend (Forrest Whittaker) and his wife (Angela Bassett) welcome the young teen but immediately impose house rules. The teen rebels and wants to know why he and his mom are so poor, and his mom never contacted her parents.

It all comes together at the Christmas Eve service with confrontation, family drama, and a gospel chorus to boot. Mary J.Blige has one song and she soars. All in all, the story is predictable. But Black Nativity has an excellent cast, and Jennifer Hudson can sing. Man, she can sing.

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