Saturday, February 21, 2015

Oscar Time - Predictions Part 1

Hooray for Hollywood. I love the movies, as you can tell from all of the reviews I post. So let's look at my predictions in a two part special edition.

The 2014 Oscars shall be a snoozefest. While critically acclaimed and well filmed, acted, and directed, these were not big at the box office. Until American Sniper came along, a majority of people hadn’t even seen these performances. Sniper would win if it was based on box office dollars. However, that’s not how the system works – there’s popularity, there’s advertising dollars, there’s all sorts of shenanigans we don’t know about. But Sunday, February 22nd shall be Hollywood’s big night. If nothing else, tune in for the opening introduction by host Neil Patrick Harris – that man is a winner.  

Let’s take a quick peek at the big categories – we’ll start with the first award usually given out to get the ball rolling 

Best Supporting Actress –

Front runner – Patricia Arquette/ Boyhood – over a twelve year span she played the role of the mother. Heartrendingly true performance. This is my pick

Laura Dern/ Wild – excellent job as we see her in flashback from Cheryl Strayed’s view

Keira Knightley / Imitation Game – she hung tough as the smartest woman in the room. Helped Alan Turing solve Enigma. I liked her a lot

Emma Stone/ Birdman – didn’t see this movie. But you can always count on Emma.

Meryl Streep/ Into the Woods – nope. She was fine, but I would not have nominated her. So-So singer in a musical


Best Supporting Actor –

J.K. Simmons/Whiplash – he’s the frontrunner as a tough music teacher

Mark Ruffalo/ Foxcatcher –he plays Mark Schultz – it did not end well on the DuPont estate

Ethan Hawke/Boyhood – he’s the fairweather father and gives a soulful performance

Edward Norton/Birdman – didn’t see him, but generally darn good

Robert Duvall/ The Judge – didn’t see him, but he IS Robert Duvall
check in tomorrow for Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Picture



  1. Thanks for the rundown or is it runup...and for the heads up on time and place. I nearly forget every year until it inter-ups my usually watched programs...this year mainly 'Madame's due back March 1st. I haven't seen ANY of the ones you mentioned. I'd be so out of touch with the movie world if not for you!
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  2. I'd vote for Keira Knightley every time.