Friday, February 6, 2015

Poem - Measles at Age Four

Measles at Age Four 

red spots exploded
every body inch speckled
fevered dreams
drenched in weariness

mom offered ginger ale
bendy straw for cracked lips
curtains shuttered
avoid sun weakened eyes
head ached, throat scratched
no interest in cartoons
signaled fever spiral

emerged from haze
limp, hard fought battle won
perhaps future kids
can avoid this disease
By Joanne Faries
(I was a kid just prior to vaccinations for measles, mumps, etc. I remember measles as the worst of the worst for me - just so darn sick. I don't usually climb a soapbox on this blog. However, how can there be any question about not getting vaccinated?)


  1. Glad you got on your soapbox on this topic and boy did you nail the misery of the measles. I too had them. So thankful for the vaccine when my son was small so he didn't have to go through that childhood disease. I seem to remember you couldn't register your child for school without the shot records and proof of vaccination.

  2. I think the concern came from one study that was done that showed that vaccinations were harmful. Later studies disproved it, but the original study had already been published, so the damage was done.

  3. Wasn't vaccinated and never got them...however I did get chicken pox in my thirties. Get the shot.

  4. I was just reading about this. I believe I had the measles AND the mumps in the same year. Ugh. It frightens me that people feel the need to avoid a vaccination that has done so much good.

  5. Hello Joanne, greetings and good wishes.

    Getting vaccination for measles is a must.

    Measles is a terrible sickness as you have very vividly explained in you well crafted poem.

    Best wishes.

  6. I had it when I was 13 and it was even worse so yes, vaccinate if possible.

  7. I've never had measles, I was lucky, and vaccinated. It's beyond me why so many people chose to believe one discredited study about this - and why these diseases (which can kill) are deemed preferable to autism. Sorry, got a little political there :-)

  8. I'm not sure if I had the measles, but I do remember having the mumps. I'm sorry you went through that, Joanne. I agree that everyone should be vaccinated.


  9. Getting vaccinated just makes good sense to me. I liked your poem. Well said!