Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Book Club Play

I usually see musicals when I go to the theater. However, The Book Club Play, caught my eye and had great local reviews. Thus, last Sunday a friend I ventured for lunch and some culture - a live theater experience.

The Dallas Theater Center offers a variety of worthy productions, and this was no exception. Written by Karen Zacarias and directed by Meredith McDonough, The Book Club Play brings us into the living room of Ana (Christie Vela) and Rob (Jeffrey Schmidt) who host the book club. Joining them are Will (Steven Michael Walters), Jen (Sarah Rutan), and newcomer Lily (Tiana Kay Johnson). Their love of books brings them together and now they are part of a documentary study about book clubs. The pervasive camera causes concern, and of course some things spoken or done (a cheating kiss) cannot be undone.

Not only is the camera intrusive, but the newcomer Lily is young and has them read Twilight. To go from classics to current throws a shockwave. And, to make matters worse, Alex (Brandon Potter) shows up randomly at the invitation of Jen. But this is unheard of. Book Club requires proper vetting according to Ana. There are rules. (Gasp!)

This play was well acted and had a lot of great lines. Anyone who loves to read, belongs to a book club, writes, or has anything to do with the written word will get a kick out of the references, jokes, and obvious love of literature and culture. The Book Club Play was a tight production, and we left smiling and vowing to perhaps once again attack Moby Dick.

 (and Rob - you should read the book, not just watch the movie)


  1. Sounds entertaining and relevant. If it inspired you enough to tackle Moby Dick, that speaks volumes.

  2. That sounds very meta, I like it.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the play! It's always exciting to see a thought provoking live performance.


  4. Sounds like it was a fun time! I love going to live theater.