Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Movie Review: American Ultra

American Ultra is not terribly original but it’s down and dirty fun. Jesse Eisenberg expands his repertoire as Mike, a total stoner dude running a convenience store. Kristen Stewart is Phoebe the stoner girlfriend. Their lives are predictable until one evening when Mike turns from dull guy into trained killer and two men are dead in the parking lot. How could this be? And how could the CIA be involved? 

Connie Britton plays the CIA agent who helped create Mike as a troubled youth into an ultra operative. But the program was not a success and was shut down. His memory was erased and he’s a twitchy sensitive guy. Unfortunately, memories are returning and that’s dangerous. Topher Grace’s job is to eliminate Mike and Phoebe. Britton disagrees with this strategy. So it’s a CIA race to a small town to surround and capture Mike. Without trying he’s a weapon wielding kung fu master, taking out opponents left and right without understanding what the heck is going on.  

Mike just wants to propose to Phoebe, the love of his life. Or is she? American Ultra is humorous and ridiculous, but is amusing. The cast classes up a low brow flick. This is a good movie to stream some night when you don’t feel like thinking too much.


  1. I like Connie Britton and Topher Grace, so maybe I watch this sometime. Thanks!

    1. I've always liked them too. Since Kristen is done with Twilight and branching out, she's getting better as an actress also. This movie is violent, but it's silly violence - trying for over-the-top.

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    1. just don't have high expectations and you'll be amused

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    1. like I said, wait for streaming and you'll be amused