Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pope in Philly

I am in suburban Philly.  The Pope is in Philly proper, giving mass to the masses on the Ben Franklin Parkway. I shall be watching it on the news.

I don't agree with everything he preaches and proclaims, but I think he's a cool dude who does truly care about people. His sincerity shines through, and he has a kind smile.

I sure hope folks in Philly don't mess this up somehow. They have a reputation........alas.

So this Saturday and  Sunday, I send my blessing to the Pope on Philly fall days.


  1. Good thing he's not a hitchhiking robot. The City of Brotherly Love would have seriously effed him up.

  2. I think this pope is a good guy. He seems really sincere and caring.

  3. His visit has been such a positive event. So nice to see people gathering to meet him and attend mass instead of the riots in the streets like we had during the summer.