Saturday, January 23, 2016

Not a Blizzard

feather flake wisps

swirl outside my window
layers of gray clouds
explode like a pillow fight
dervish whirlwind of white
blankets the earth
shroud of calm
muffled sounds
until boot crunch steps
erase the pristine land

I'll dedicate this to my Dad, sister, brother, and all the hearty souls back East who are under blizzard conditions. My poem is how snow should be presented. 


  1. Sounds peaceful.
    We were just too far south for snow. Bummer.

    1. yep. I get nostalgic for my youth and fun snow days in PA. Texas just doesn't really have it

  2. Sounds like my kind of snow....actually my favourite kind is the stuff that falls for Christmas Day and then goes away til the next Christmas.

  3. Ah, if only our snow in the UK was like that, I might actually enjoy it :-)

  4. Hi Joanne - I feel for everyone .. a blanketing white-out is a little much. But one April here 2009 to be precise ... we had a snow storm down here on the coast - I drove out in it up the Downs to see my mother - only about a mile away ... thick blizzard conditions I could hardly see across the road - but at least I'd get up to see my mother.

    We watched and discussed the snow - everyone and everything came to a standstill ... well it was a weekend, and necessities would be done ... but when I went home one hour later (only one hour?!) I had six inches of snow on my car ... I just made it back.

    So from that experience can see how much snow can fall so quickly and build ... I hope everyone will be safe and sound - enjoying the prettiness of it ..

    Cheers Hilary

  5. This is lovely. Makes me almost like snow again. Almost. :)

  6. Great poem! Wonderful word choices and description. I hope your family and friends are all safe and warm.