Monday, February 8, 2016

Poem - Yellow Splash

yellow splash

amidst crunchy brown grass
flower stalks bent after
february freeze
shed shriveled leaves
forlorn garden remnants
gasp, surprised by tepid days
shocked by bitter cold nights
wind chill factor fury

yellow burst blazes
blisters raw winter canvas

one dandelion


by Joanne Faries


  1. Replies
    1. we are very good at growing them (not on purpose)

  2. What a sweet poem! I know they are considered weeds, and I'm supposed to hate them, but I have always liked the sunny yellow color of dandelions. They are a cheerful weed. :)

    1. as a kid I always picked them to give to my mother. She'd put them in a dixie cup.

  3. Hi Joanne - I'm sure I've seen dandelions too - but then we are just wet. Dandelion leaves are good too ... for a drink. But their sunny faces are beautiful .. and the puff ball is great to tell the time by?! Cheers Hilary

    1. the puff ball is the dangerous part, spreading more "smiles" all over the yard

  4. Nice poem. Our dandelions are in bloom, too. :)

    But I like them. Then again, we've never been "lawn people." Our kids and their friends always played in our yard, and we were glad they did. We didn't mind the bald spots marking the corners of their baseball diamond, or the ruts from their motor bikes, and we SURE didn't care about having a lush lawn. (Still don't!)If it's green, that's close enough for us. The dandelions, violets, buttercups, wild onions and other blooming "weeds" just add a touch of color.

    My favorite story about dandelions? When a mother and her young daughter spotted a large patch of them in the yard, the mother said, "Oh no! Look at all those weeds!" to which the little girl replied, "Oh, wow! Look at all those wishes!"