Friday, May 26, 2017

Book Review - Case Histories by Kate Atkinson

Case Histories by Kate Atkinson weaves various mysteries together with connected characters and family drama.  After her big breakout Life After Life, I am a huge fan. This book came before it and shows her masterful command of the English language.

I shall give you her opening paragraph and then leave you to find her book in the library or buy it and go from there. Trust me. By the end, you will be enthralled.

How lucky were they? A heat wave in the middle of the school holidays, exactly where it belonged. Every morning the sun was up long before they were, making a mockery of the flimsy curtains that hung limply at their bedroom windows, a sun already hot and sticky with promise before Olivia even opened her eyes. Olivia, as reliable as a rooster, always the first to wake, so that no one in the house had bothered with an alarm clock since she was born three years ago.

Okay – super teaser.  The sisters camp out. The oldest two awaken to find Olivia gone………..and that’s just one of the mysteries.  Fifty years later, the sisters still seek Olivia.

What tragedy occurred?  What made them keep seeking her? 

Sad, surprising, and so many connected tales.

Awesome read


  1. Sounds like a good one with some twists and turns.

  2. This paragraph shows this a must to read.


  3. Sounds very interesting! Both of the books.


  4. I wasn't keen on her early books, but loved Life after Life and A God in Ruins, so I might give this a go. I might even go back and read her first, Behind the Scenes at the Museum...

    1. Life after Life hooked me. I think you might be okay with this one.

  5. This sounds so intriguing. Thanks for the review!

  6. I just put this on my amazon wish list. I love stuff like this.