Monday, August 28, 2017


I never watched wrestling.  I had no interest. However , the buzz on GLOW on Netflix captured my attention and I gave it a whirl. Well, hello……..I am hooked.

GLOW. What a great series, and the wrestling is the least of it.  First there’s Ruth (Alison Brie). She’s a very intense young actress, eager to make it. Otherwise she has to keep calling her folks for some money. How embarrassing.  She auditions and makes the rounds for this new series on television. She’s a “professional” and needs information – what’s her character and motivation? She drives the director (played perfectly by the jaded Marc Maron) crazy with her questions. “Hey Strindberg”, he calls her, but she grows on him. He knows how much she cares. Meanwhile, Debbie (Betty Gilpin) is the gorgeous former soap opera star who just had a kid and is feeling fat and unattractive. Plus, complication – Ruth, her best friend, had an affair with her husband.  Awkward!!!

Now, that’s cause for the perfect wrestling match.  Anyway, the show strings together an oddball assortment of women to aim for a Saturday morning slot on very cheap cable TV. We are talking very old school TV here. The key to the show is the variety of women, the characters themselves, and the depth of their stories. It’s awesome.  You really come to care for how they interact and what’s going to happen. They slowly learn how to wrestle, and they care.  And YOU care. Plus Marc Maron’s Sam is so pathetic, you actually care about how shallow he is, but how much he actually cares about these ladies and their potential story lines.

GLOW on Netflix is a little gem and worthy of your attention.  The key is the word CARE and you will. Let’s keep this series going. I am hooked.


  1. I've got it in my list to watch. Good to know it is good.

  2. Haven't heard of it, but it does sound good!


  3. I'm not familiar with this one. I'll have to check it out.

  4. I think I'm the only person in America w/o Netflix.

    1. you are too busy enjoying lovely outdoor towns and beaches. I have no fabulous scenery - hence Netflix

  5. I used to watch it when my husband was alive, but as late have been busy doung other things.


  6. I don't have Netflix! Am I the only one in the world? LOL Guess not ~ I just saw JoJo's comment. Sounds like an interesting series.

  7. I have heard of this and I believe I once saw the preview. Good stuff, thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh wow. I don't have Netflex but my kids do. I shall mention GLOW. I kind of like the actress Allison Brie.

  9. Sounds as though it's uniquely fun.
    Thank you, Joanne.
    Stay safe, and keep a smile.