Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Tuesday Thought

No, this does not sum up my birthday. I had a splendid Monday and the whole weekend.

This was a sign in front of the Hall of State in Fair Park - Dallas Texas. It's State Fair of Texas time. More pics next week. 

However, this one made me laugh.  Obviously they had a reason to post this. Most museum places say no food, no drink. That's rather clear.  But, no balloons???   Seriously?

Well, the Hall of State is a gorgeous Art Deco building with really high ceilings.  I'm guessing some poor fool came in with a helium balloon and let go.

Dang - just ruined balloons for everyone.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. They need to hire some clowns to wrangle those balloons.
    Glad you had a good birthday!

  2. Pleased you had a good birthday Joanne, it was also my daughter-in-laws birthday (In Spain)
    Loved the sign but could not fathom it out...lol.


  3. Haha! Maybe someone let a balloon go, and it got tangled up in some lights or mechanical equipment. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your birthday.

  4. Need to get a pellet gun and shoot the balloons. Hmm may do more harm.

    1. nice idea but sorry no weapons allowed in the building either. Lots of rules

  5. Balloons are really bad for wildlife and it's also latex litter. I cringe whenever I see people letting them go, esp. on the coast.