Friday, February 15, 2019

Book Review - The Women in the Castle

The Women in the Castle by Jessica Shattuck is a dramatic, nuanced portrait of war, survival, love, and forgiveness.

back blurb - Set at the end of World War II, in a crumbling Bavarian castle that once played host to all of German high society, a powerful and propulsive story of three women whose lives and fates become intertwined. 

Marianne von Lingenfels is now a widower of a resister, murdered in a failed plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler. She's returned to his ancestor's castle, now in ruins, and works to find the wives of the other brave conspirators. Her privileged past proves complicated, and the women she finds have conflicting stories and pasts themselves. All took different paths to survive the war. All need to be judged as resourceful and courageous.

Lots of repercussions play out in this historical novel. It's well written with strong characters. Marianne is the center and you will remember and admire her, despite flaws. She once said, "Americans can face the world with open arms, because the world hasn't yet come to weigh it down."
She can reflect on her past and embrace life changes.

She's from the castle, and yet did not crumble.


  1. You've been reading a lot of historical fiction lately. Is that a new trend, or have you always liked them? This sounds like another good one. Thanks!

    Have a super weekend, kiddo!

    1. These have been passed to me by a friend who's on a kick. She's done a good job of picking winners.
      Enjoy your weekend too

  2. Sounds like a winner. Strong characters do that indeed.

  3. A good review Joanne about a book I think sounds great to read.


  4. Sounds like a good historical novel. Thanks for the review!