Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day (that's for you too, Robyn)

 To my Ray - Love  you lots

Stole the pics from a friend in Victoria, BC.   They are awesome.

And I know Robyn Engel doesn't like Valentine's, but I appeal to her core - you can't deny that these pics  make one feel a tad mushy, say
Aw..............golly gosh

Now go to her blog and enjoy anti-Valentine's humor. Our blog world is very clever. 

Cheers and chocolates my friends
Happy Valentine's Day


  1. Hope you and Ray have a wonderful Valentine's Day also Robyn.


  2. Neat pictures! Happy Valentine's day!

  3. You've given me a VDay gushing, heart warming and cozy moment of...YIPPEE! Thank you, my dear friend. Yeah, I hate the romantic yada yada blah blah blah of it all, but I love the loving focus, and my dear bloggies. It wouldn't be the same without you. You're wonderful. That's hearts are precious. Happy Valentine's and enjoy high end chocolate!
    Love and much gratitude.

    1. you are welcome! and you deserve a gush, my friend.

  4. That snow heart is awesome! (But I can do without the snow, thankyouverymuch.) I don't blame you for borrowing the pic. :)

    I hope you and Ray had a terrific day together.

    1. we had a fine time. very low key - he bought me a milkshake since I had teeth stuff done on Wed.
      He's a keeper!