Monday, April 29, 2019

Book Review - Run by Ann Patchett

Ann Patchett's writing is so smooth and her characters are interesting.  I picked up Run (copyright 2007) at our local Half-priced book store. I was surprised to learn that I had missed reading one of her books.

A former mayor of Boston, Bernard Doyle, raised his boys Tip and Teddy alone but with dreams of success. He's encouraged them to pursue politics, but the now graduate school students have no thirst for such power.

One lives for fish - specializing in those studies. The other drifts more in philosophy. They attend a lecture with their father on a very snowy evening and get into an argument. Inadvertently, an accident occurs that involves a stranger and her daughter, and all of their lives become entangled.

Race, class, and family are all themes in Run.  Are we running away or running toward each other?
Ann Patchett weaves quite a story and keeps the reader on pace to the conclusion.


  1. This sounds intricate and like one I would enjoy. Thanks for the review.

    1. she's just such a good writer. I do think you'd like any of her books