Friday, January 31, 2020

Friday Fun - Revolution - The Beatles

She Loves You Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
You say you want a revolution?
Baby You can Drive My Car
Let It Be
Penny Lane
Eleanor Rigby
Twist and Shout

and so much more.

The Fort Worth Symphony nailed it this past Sunday. It's not just four lads with guitars and a drum set.  The Beatles truly had some amazing orchestral songs and the symphony was on full display. Along with a band and excellent vocalists, they kept us singing along with over thirty songs from the Beatles brilliance. And as a bonus, stunning video and animation. Pictures from the Abbey Road archives gave us a flashback to those young lads from Liverpool who changed our world.

Truly - a Revolution experience.   Shout out to Linda, Tom, and Julie - we had a fun lunch and then some culture. A rave review afternoon.


  1. I would've LOVED that concert. One of my favorite CDs is the London Symphony playing Rolling Stones music. I'm sure some of the Beatles music would translate just as well.

    Have a super weekend. Go Niners? HA! (Well, Shanahan did used to be with the Falcons...)

    1. and Patrick Mahomes is from TX. I will say your Niner QB is darn pretty!
      Next fall, the symphony is doing Paul Simon songbook - care to join us? There's also a Soul Men concert - lots of Motown.
      The Beatles music is just glorious. Wish you could've been here.
      Take care!

    2. MY QB? I stake no claim, but yeah, he is pretty easy on the eyes. Not that I, um, noticed... :)

      Sounds fab. I wish I could've been there, too. These days, the only music we listen to is what we play while we're shooting pool... :)

  2. Sounds like a winner indeed. Can't beat a good time and lunch.

  3. Sounds fantastic. I would love this.