Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Whatever Wednesday - random pics and a bonus science quote

 Very random pictures from my photo collection for this Whatever Wednesday. 

Movies - oh,  I miss the theater...the previews...the murmur of families getting settled with popcorn...the slightly sticky floors...that swirl of Dolby sound... and the humongous screens.  The group groan or jump or laughter - depending on the film. And that last gasp when a movie ends and you've been changed somehow.  You sniff, wipe away a tear. Or cheer and clap.   
And art...outdoor art, sculpture, gardens, etc.  I do not feel like myself wearing a mask. I do wear it, but I feel trapped, enclosed, contained, and guilty.  For some reason - whether grocery shopping, etc. I feel I must hurry, get done, and quickly leave any place.  I shall be ready to explore again someday - to smile and enthuse. 

2020 vision.  I'd say that back on January 1st - we were blind and had no clue.....

We live with zip ties at work - wrapping up salt spray pieces to hang for 500 hours, or to mark weird little notch bars to test plating. 

Science quote - Carl Sagan    The consequences of scientific illiteracy are far more dangerous in our time than in any that has come before. It is perilous and foolhardy for the average citizen to remain ignorant because for one thing, it threatens America's economic health.

Ponder this quote.  Countdown to November!


  1. I really miss the movies! We never buy anything to eat, so if one were open, I'd happily don a mask and go to an early show.
    The stacked glass gars are interesting.

    1. yep - we are movie buffs and it's just not the same at home. We have a nice big screen, good sound, but I find I'm not as engulfed in the whole experience.

  2. I miss those people who start to leave at the end of the movie, then realise there's extra bits in the credits and slowly manoeuvre back into the theatre :-)

    Oh how amazing I thought this year would be on January 1... :-(

    1. believe me, we are all still in shock and waiting for the world to turn back from upside down.
      You are right about those folks. We've become rather dedicated to watching credits.

  3. Replies
    1. thanks. Indeed, I read a whole article and the late Carl Sagan was spot on to what we are seeing in today's world