Monday, December 21, 2020

Monday Moments - Snow!

 Yo - Not Texas.  This is Pennsylvania snow glory. I stole these pics from some Facebook contacts.  Now - this is SNOW. Glorious snow that I did not have to shovel.  So darn pretty.........and as a first snow of the year it is fun.

I admit, I reveled in various emails and posts, but no - I did not have to shove this mess............

And no, I do not have to live with the grungy junk that sticks to cars and piles up. 

So, Merry December snow my friends.  My Northeast soul yearns for it, yet deep down I'm glad to not drive in it.

Reality versus reality versus TX life.  I've grown soft.   Sigh

Happy Monday.  Almost Christmas and that's beyond reality this year.

2020 - it's bizarre............ 


  1. Lovely wintery pics Joanne, here it's perpetual rain and wind.
    Take care.

    1. these were PA and now they are in the cold and bleak, whereas here in TX we are sunny and 60s. So, I guess I "win?". Take care and stay warm

  2. Merry December snow that you don't have to shovel, Joanne! Looks tranquil, but may it not move so far East as to hit Texas.

    Love ya.
    Merry Xmas week!

    1. you are correct. Been quite a while since we had "real" snow.

      Happy holidays month - let's just celebrate anything my friend. Hugs!