Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Whatever Wednesday

 How's your journey this week?  An uphill climb? Rough terrain? A tad rocky? Hey, it's Wednesday - a week and a half until Christmas.  We always say, " I can't believe it's almost Christmas." This year we say it with a "Holy Cow, it's almost Christmas, but it's a weird year, there is no plan, not going to see family, and do I have a tickle in my throat?"

I woke up the another night in a bit of a sweat. Mild panic, until I realized Ray had put the flannel sheets on the bed and it was not a very cold night. I was just hot. Turn back the covers a bit, and all okay. But strange times!

Today I have two quotes I liked from some reading lately: 

Wall Street Journal 11/29/20  

 Life is a great mystery. Is everybody a different person when they are with somebody else?   great author Louise Fitzhugh in her Harriet the Spy. 

The New Yorker  12/14/20

Ian Frazier in a review - Childhood is a darkened, fantasy filled theater in which, after a long or short while, the houselights are turned on, and the brightness makes you blink, and then you see the candy wrappers under the seats, and the lines for the bathrooms. That moment can happen at any time. 

Food for thought folks.  Carry on and let's cruise to the weekend.  Dashing through the snow, Fa-la-la. 


  1. Good quotes Joanne, I know the feeling about feeling sweaty also should I cough I wonder "Is It?""
    Bit behind with comments.
    Stay safe and well.

    1. thanks. Yep, one little cough can trigger too much emotion. Must stay calm!

  2. How can it be Christmas already? My head is still stuck around April time!

    1. yep - it's been a bit of a time warp my friend
      (and I am an idiot but I have trouble with word press, hence my not commenting on your blog)

  3. Funny the little things that set us off now with covid all around us. Flannel sheets aren't contagious at least lol