Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Wednesday - Walk the Wire by David Baldacci

 Book Six in the Amos Decker series - another winner for this tortured soul of a detective. 

Walk the Wire by David Baldacci is a quick entertaining read.  Amos is a man with a memory that forgets nothing. From an old football injury, his brain just isn't wired like regular folks.  He lacks some social skills (but he tries) and he's a better team player than he used to be. His partner knows what she's dealing with, and his friends forgive his lack of tact. The man is a genius and can connect dots that aren't even there. 

The FBI (and the USA)  is lucky to have him.  

North Dakota - life just shouldn't be too complicated there.  But  - fracking, money, business, and death. 

Small town. Influx of cash. There's always someone in charge - some family with the roots, the name, the respect, and the hook.  There's a love triangle.  There's a power play.  It all seems so simple until it's not. 

I'm not going to blow any more plot. Baldacci has his pulse on the underlying issues of this country - fringe groups, oil/fracking/climate, greed and money, secret government military, and the basic decency of law abiding citizens.  Oh, there's conflict.  It seems we all Walk the Wire in the Baldacci universe. 

Read and enjoy!


  1. Good review Joanne though politics is not my forte but it certainly do sound an interesting book.
    Take care.

  2. How, how do you read books so quickly, Joanne? I'm beyond impressed. I hope our FBI has a Baldacci or several. They're okay by me right now.


  3. Sounds like all relevance of today was sure weaved in