Friday, March 12, 2021

Finally Friday - Reluctance - a poem

 Reluctance by Joanne Faries

Pandemic winter, yearn for spring

Now live oaks shed their leaves

Bitter frozen plants try to gather strength for blooms

I fear for our jasmine - hope for that layer of deep greenery to explode

And I


yes, I 

am reluctant to give up my hoodies, sweaters, and Uggs.  

I took comfort in hiding - cozy and warm in layers

avoiding scales

Alas, spring clothes - light materials, bright colors

it all seems too soon

I should have walked more, ate less

But truth awaits, temps rise, sun shines

no hiding in the dark under my grandmother's crocheted afghan

I must emerge

and bloom

wish me luck

don't snicker


  1. I wish you luck Joanne, wonderful poem,
    Have a great weekend.
    Keep safe and well.


    1. thanks. Can't wait to hear how your day went

  2. Hi Joanne - I hope your plants do come back ... some will! Some won't sadly ... but I hope Texans can get through and recover from all the challenges so many of them will have suffered. All the best - and enjoy the warmth ... Hilary

    1. thanks. Nature manages to win - she'll come back at her own pace. Tulips and daffodils are emerging - the hardy survive