Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Halloween Spooktacular

Saturday 10/16/21 - enjoyed the Family Series sponsored by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra at Bass Hall. Wow - they are back and following Covid protocol.  I swear everyone wore their masks faithfully indoors. It was so cute to see kids in costume along with adults. Spiderman is popular.  I wore my Charlie Brown Halloween t-shirt and got compliments.  Total fun morning hour. 
Bass Hall is a fabulous performance hall.  The exterior is gorgeous.  Indoors is breathtaking. 

The orchestra members were in costume too - they definitely brought the spirit. My friend, Candice, and I had the best time. 

Halloween Spooktacular program.  Begin with a rousing Star Spangled Banner. The symphony does a bang-up job

Wagner - The Ride of the Valkyries...always amazing

Gounod - Funeral March of the Marionette

Agudelo - El Sombreron  (my fave) very ghostly

Saint-Saens  - Danse macabre, Op 40

Prokoiev - Masks from Romeo and Juliet no. 1, Op 64A

Stravinsky - The Firebird  Infernal Dance

Alberga - Snow White's Dance

Dukas - The Sorcerer's Apprentice (oh, not those infernal brooms splashing water....)  Classic Mickey!

Gotta support local music - I always learn about music.  Bless the Fort Worth Symphony. 



  1. I'm glad Spiderman is still popular - such a peace lover, that hero.

    Happy Halloween, my dear friend.

    1. I'd say he is a fave. That and Captain America. And Frozen princesses are a hit. It's very cute

  2. Hi Joanne - sounds like you and Candice had your year pump up for Spooktacular with some wonderfully fun local sharing opera; while as you mention the building looks so interesting too - cheers Hilary

    1. thanks and yes - she's my musical friend. We enjoy the little symphony programs more than all the kids in attendance (I think). Have a good weekend.