Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Whatever Wednesday at the Lake

Thursday - October 7th was a gorgeous day. 
I was off work and we headed to Lake Ray Roberts - a one hour drive north from our home. 
 Lovely land to explore thanks to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Group. And there's a bit of history. This is the only piece left - a chimney - from an old pioneer home on this land in Texas
We were walking a path and who was meandering near by?
Ray's pet deer
Sandy beach area and darn clear water for a Texas lake. No one was around. We enjoyed the trails, water, and picnic areas by ourselves. 
We plan to explore more state parks and take advantage of the nature around us. What a splendid calm day. 


  1. Now's a good time of year to do it. And bonus no one was around!

  2. Hi Joanne - it looks a wonderful place - and what bliss the two of you could do your thing and wander, or perambulate around. What fun to have a 'pet deer' who accompanies you. Gosh gorgeous weather - lucky you to have that day off - cheers Hilary

    1. Can’t wait to retire and explore parks when not crowded. That will be wonderful. Only 43 working days left!