Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Wednesday Wow - No Time to Die - James Bond

 Bond, James Bond.  Daniel Craig is back (finally) and No Time to Die is worth the long Covid wait. 

Ray and I saw it in the theater. It's over two hours, but stays intense - I did not debate in my head editing anything. The movie checked off all of the boxes I expect  for a James Bond movie.  Wham - the opening intro sequence is intense and really gets us immersed. 

Car chases - heck yeah and I love a sleek cool Aston Martin (with some extra super gizmos). 

Pretty women - well, of course. 

Daniel Craig with his shirt off - absolutely.  

"Shaken, not stirred"

Crisp editing and plenty of action, fight scenes, a brooding Bond, and an insane (? these days anything is possible) plot with chemicals and selective killing genetics. Don't overthink that too much. 

Villains - two!!  Rami Malek is a quiet sinister madmen.   Christoph Waltz as Blofield is behind maximum security bars (thanks  to James in previous film), but still  manufacturing Spectre chaos. 

James (Daniel) has been in this spy game for so long. He's seen it all. This is a rather reflective Bond - Ray even commented on the deeper character study. I give No Time to Die an  A in the Bond universe. It's worth seeing on the big screen.  And the Bond song - good one with Billie Eillish. 

Bond, James  Bond


  1. We almost went to see it, but 2:45 was just too long to sit in the theater last Friday.

    1. maybe you need a rainy day incentive. It really did not drag. Hope you see it live on the big screen. It's classy Bond.

  2. My husband enjoyed it. I am not a fan so he went without me.

    1. Oh dear - how can you not like Bond? That's okay...we're still blog friends!

  3. Hi Joanne - great to read you had such fun ... I too would struggle with 2:45 - but that's me. I'm sure I'll see it sometime - love your overview: thank you!! Cheers Hilary