Friday, October 28, 2022

Finally Fair Friday

Finally Friday - flashback to October 13th and our visit to the great State Fair of Texas.  

First the pig races.  Now this big fella is retired and eats fried Oreos. 

Auto show - the only thrill for us is the new Corvette Z model.  We did wander the outdoor truck area, but Ray's not shopping  now. We are happy with our rides. 
The Hall of State had a Dallas Mavericks basketball exhibition. It was fun and interesting. Seeing Dirk's size 16 shoe - oh my! Looked like a paddle boat. 

We ate our Fletcher's Corny Dog, wandered the Creative Arts building, enjoyed the Stunt Dogs, Stunt Bikers, and the Bird Show. Plus so much more. 

I do not believe there is an issue with the economy. Folks turned money into "coupons" and spent like  crazy.  Lines for Midway rides and games were crazy at $10 a pop.  And everyone was buying and smiling. 

Happy Fall Friday Y'all!


  1. Hi Joanne - at least people are out spending and able to enjoy themselves ... it's the others I worry about, as I'm sure you do ... but I'm glad you had a happy time - cheers Hilary

    1. Indeed. Many folks are in dire straights. Or these folks out spending are in debt out the wazoo. No matter what- the TX State Fair is amazing.