Friday, December 9, 2022

Frivolous Friday - December Fun

Spent two weeks at end of November surrounding Thanksgiving time to visit Dad. He's slowed a bit since July. However, here's  a perky moment - joy after kicking my butt  in rummy.  Oh, he gloated. Now keep  in mind,  he can't see well and I have to tell him  some cards - sixes, nines. Nonetheless, I congratulate his victory. 
Lori's our turkey. Her birthday was Friday. Here she is (upper right) with friends in  New York City. All enjoyed the Christmas lights and Times Square fun
Fall in Philly. The leaves were almost down, but a few colorful stragglers clung to branches. 
Lori's turkey was golden. She  brought our feast - turkey, stuffing, rolls,  green beans. The timing  was perfect and the meal was tasty. Dad even had  some seconds. 

 Lori brought us treats from NYC - mmmm. Fresh cannolis.  They were SO yummy

Famous line from The Godfather - Leave the gun,  take the  cannoli

And that's our December fun Friday


  1. Looks like a fun time. My grandmother used to gloat over Scrabble.

    1. That’s funny and a good memory for you. It’s the little things. Happy Friday

  2. Hi Joanne - so good to see your Dad - lovely photo and he looks perky ... while Lori did herself proud in NYC and you proud with Thanksgiving goodies ... cheers Hilary

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