Friday, December 30, 2022

Finally Friday - A Minute to Midnight

 Book Two of the Atlee  Pine  Series, A Minute to Midnight by David Baldacci, is another thriller. 

FBI Agent, Atlee Pine decides to go home to Georgia to look into her twin sister's abduction back when they were little girls. Why did she get to live? Is Mercy still alive? What  really happened?

Be careful what you look for. More questions open up about her late parents - were they who they said they were?

Meanwhile, of course there's a fresh serial  killer  on the loose in her hometown. Is it coincidence that Atlee is there? So many hometown  secrets.  

Baldacci keeps Atlee busy and she's a smart kick-ass gal.  I enjoyed this second in a series of four. I'll be starting  my 2023 cracking open book three. 

What will you be reading?

Happy New Year  weekend, my friends.  Cheers  to all. Be well. 


  1. Hi Joanne - Happy New Year to you and Ray ... and family in Pennsylvania ... this sounds a fun read - I have rather too many books to even start enumerating! I've started a few and this year 2023 is my year for reading more ... probably more educative books - they take time ... but I enjoy the learning.

    Friends here are moving and he brought out some books, no-one else in the group wanted them - more crime and mystery style ones - I do find it difficult to read those - as I get hooked into them. Ah well - 2023 is a new year. Cheers Hilary

    1. Too many books is a good problem. Hope you enjoy lots of reading in 2023