Saturday, November 28, 2009

Documentary Friday and Only 5000 Words to Go

Only 5000 words to go to hit my NaNo goal of 50K. I'm typing furiously, but I also take breaks. Decided it was documentary Friday, and I rented two small films. Both different and yet very much alike as they follow two men with dreams, who see their version of art as a challenge, and both achieve their goals.

Valentino: The Last Emperor is about Valentino the haute couture fashion designer who celebrated his 45th year in the industry. As a boy in Italy he watched Hollywood movies and desired to design dresses for the Ziegfield girls - Hedy Lamarr and Lana Turner. He worked hard and ultimately created his own line. Soon Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, and Princess Diana were clients.

Known for using red, for splendid draping, and for elegance, Valentino is synonomous with quality. The movie introduces us to his team of seamstresses and we witness the skill and attention to detail. Everything is handsewn and monitored by Valentino.

The film also follows behind the scenes money issues and unfortunately we see why Valentino retires. Instead of family owned, it becomes a conglomerate and the fashion money is made on accessories, perfumes, and handbags. It's not about the dresses - the true dreams and creations of Valentino.

Another man with a dream, a high flying dream, Phillipe Petit is a high wire walker who planned and executed the most daring walk of all - between the Twin Towers. Sure enough in 1974, he and his team eluded security, hauled equipment in a freight elevator, and 104 floors above New York, Petit walked a wire. He allowed for the wind, the twist of the wire, and the sway of the buildings. Man on Wire is fascinating. Who would do such a thing? And yet, when he talks about his dreams, it makes sense. Why not balance high above the earth between two objects? To him, it was a challenge and a thing of art.

So that's the key between the two men and the two films - dreams, challenges, and art. Creation and execution of art. Truly inspiring.

Now, for me, only 5000 words to go for....dare I call it? Art?? !!


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