Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NaNo - over 7000 words

This picture just gives my readers something to look at. So, day Four of NaNoWriMo and I still like my story. We'll see what happens by day 23 - ha. I'm at 7128 words. The goal for Day 4 is 6668 words, so I'm ahead. It's difficult to cram in 1667 words in a day. I don't set my alarm like some friends and type way early. Ray would kill me.

I type all day at work. Non-stop report documentation. I get home and don't want to sit at the computer. I go for a walk, crunching on acorns and admiring fall foliage. I read a bit (The Defector by Daniel Silva - good thriller) Then I turn on the stereo, crack the knuckles, and buckle down.

So, little Julie Lin is face down in the lily pond. Who, if anybody jumps in to save her? Hmmm.

I'm currently exploring Dylan's life. He's 40, a widower, and trying to get back into the dating pool. He's clutzy, clueless, and hapless. Would he have the guts to jump in and save the child. So far, it certainly doesn't look possible. BUT, Dylan's a good guy. Maybe there's an underlying hero.

We'll find out together.........NaNo is an adventure. I have a tentative outline. One more day of Dylan's April/May backstory. Then we move on to Jay and Summer, our engaged couple. They are lurking - both spoiled brats who want Dylan out of the way.

Typing furiously. So far, so good.

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  1. Sounds intriguing I can't wait to hear the completed story. I'm still plugging along and dragging myself out of bed a couple of hours early each morning to get some keyboard pounding in before leaving for work. I'm liking my story so far and have enjoyed doing a bit of research on the Baker Hotel on the way.