Monday, November 16, 2009

Talking Turkey plus NaNo

Sometimes you just have to declare it's Thanksgiving. Work schedules, custody schedules, traveling, in-laws, outlaws, and any other life excuse can get in the way of a family gathering. Thus, Sunday, Nov. 15 we had a feast (see above -Ray's Norman Rockwell turkey) and then visiting and of course, a Cowboys game (oops. They lost). This cut into my NaNo writing schedule, but I crammed out words last night and hit the halfway mark at 25K words. My book takes place in the summer and even I won't declare Thanksgiving when it's in the 90s. I might be writer crazy, but I'm not insane.
Saturday, I was out to the arboretum for a chocolate class (yum). Did make time to view gorgeous colors and be re-inspired since my story begins there.

Again, pumpkins and fall colors will not be a part of the book's descriptive pictures, but the Dallas arboretum is inspirational nonetheless.

Back to Sunday. Observed a 15 month old (Makyla) toddle about and the little arms can reach a mile, the little legs can maneuver pretty well. A little tipsy at times, but recovery time is quick. However, I believe I have the details down for my little protagonist and her foray near (and into) the lily pond. Teaser - Dylan, Jay or Summer, or Allie, Terri, Tom or Brooke.....their stories are building. All good people with foibles and anxieties and maybe a few have a fear of water.
I'm not sure what's going to happen..........but it's getting good.

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  1. I could totally devour that turkey by myself. It looks that good and it just made me hungry again. Anyhow, it was a nice post, i like it amd keeep it up. Looking forward to more.