Thursday, January 7, 2010


I want to win a chance to blow up Texas Stadium ... but darn, Kraft requires one to be between the ages of nine and twelve. They kick off a national essay contest today for kids who have made an "explosive difference" in their community. ( See Dallas Morning News - Irving Region 1/7/10) Whoever wins the 300 word contest will get to push the button that triggers the implosion. How cool is that?

It gets cheesier. Kraft is introducing their new Cheddar Explosion this spring - hence the tie-in. Somehow, Texas Stadium, a famous Dallas (well, in Irving) landmark, is combined with America's Team for the sense of community (then again, the new stadium is in Arlington) and this spirit should be embodied in the essay. I assume a few orange mac 'n cheese fingerprints on the paper can't hurt.

On another note, I've tallied my 2009 production. 30 acceptances - hooray.
166 rejections - sigh

Maybe I should get into photography - say "Cheese".

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  1. At first I thought you were talking about the new stadium. LOL
    F. Scott Fitzgerald received 287 rejection slips before he sold a word. Good job on persistence.