Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Visit Your Own Backyard

Nothing like having an out of town visitor to get the creative juices flowing. Where shall we go? What shall we eat? What's next? And let's eat! Anytime a good friend comes to town, we hit the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth. Gorgeous building, stellar art collection, and through March 21st a special event - Private Collections of Texas. Van Gogh, a Rembrandt, Gainsborough, Cezanne - you name the artist and it's represented on the walls of the Kimbell along with comments from the Texas collector and sometimes a photo of where their art is placed. One humorous comment, "You know a large picture covers cracks in the wall." Yeah, Waterlilies by Monet is the way to go in decorating.

After wandering the galleries, go eat at Lucille's on Camp Bowie Boulevard.

On a rainy Saturday, the Old Red Museum, in downtown Dallas proved interesting. The courthouse is now renovated and houses an excellent museum of Dallas and North Texas history. Films, displays, and plenty of interactive screens keep you moving and involved. I was amazed by how many newspapers and gazettes were in circulation back in the day.

Cool to see the Pegasus sign, a former beacon of the Dallas night sky. It's now on display in the Old Red Museum. Plenty of stories to learn as you explore your own backyard. In turn, it prompts stories to create or embellish.
Dallas good eats - S&D Oyster on McKinney.

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  1. Mark and I headed to the Kimball this past weekend to see the current exhibit. Unfortunately, we stopped first at the cafe fora bite of lunch, and I got a hunk of meat caught in my throat and had to leave. We'll get back there for another try. I've got to see the Old Red Museum as well. thanks for the tip. Have you been to the Dallas Museum of Art? I like that one too.