Sunday, January 10, 2010

Write the Opposite

Bedford, Texas January 8, 2010. We actually awoke to 13 degrees. By the time we got our act together to take a picture, the temperature was a balmy 16 degrees outside. BRRRR. This is NOT "normal" Texas winter weather.
Our pool is creating its own winter wonderland effect. Blustery winds blew the water around the fountain and on to the bushes creating frozen fingers and our own icy waterfall.

So I sit cocooned at my desk, layered in t-shirt and sweatshirt along with fuzzy slippers and an afghan (thank you Nana Crowther) at the ready. Now do I write a winter tale ... perhaps an icy scene? Or because I am in the land of make believe, shall I head off to a magical island? Harken to a faraway land down under where in January it is summertime and I can enjoy palm trees and a garden in Roroturo, New Zealand.

I'll do both. Perhaps a poem inspired by this frigid weather, and a shorts wearing travel scene. Get out the sunscreen either way.

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