Sunday, January 31, 2010


Think about the power of the letter "i".

Not capitalized, merely lowercase, "i" has grown in stature since elementary school days when I signed notes "i love you" and the dot over the "i" was a heart.

Later, it was all about capital I - power, money, status, the Me-Decade, Janet Jackson singing "What Have You Done for Me Lately?"

Now the small "i" rules:
Nintendo Wii - two i's entertain and keep us fit.
And the king of i, the world of i - the Apple i courtesy of Steve Jobs. Absolute genius in the world of technology, communications, and entertainment. I heard him speak back in the 1980s. Working for an electronics/networking company, I attended a conference in Mountain View, CA and was thoroughly impressed with this confident man dressed in black who spoke of the future. Alas, not enough to buy Apple stock and hold on to it. (Duh). But Jobs was memorable. The room was electric and you could feel his excitement, his passion, and the energy of Apple.

iTunes - certainly has transformed the music industry

iPhone - impressive piece of machinery and the apps alone entertain. Forget hanging at the water cooler. I gravitate to a co-worker's desk to see and hear iBurp, iFart, iBubblewrap, and to me the most impressive - iLighter. Truly, you can use the phone at a concert to wave a pseudo-lighter. The flame flickers.

and the latest product and buzz - iPad. Will this transform everything? Who's to say? But reading the old fashioned paper newspaper this morning and perusing the comics, I did think of one fun thing that's eliminated. Remember using Silly Putty as a kid? You spread it out over a favorite comic strip, pulled it up, and voila the picture transferred.

Now that's an app I'd like to see duplicated. iPutty??

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